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Our attorneys and staff are committed to always treating our clients fairly and respectfully. We believe that you not only need a preliminary free legal consultation to discuss your options, you deserve it. This allows you to explore if we are the right legal team to serve your needs.

We always provide the best legal representation we possibly can, regardless of the size of the case, and use our knowledge, skills and experience to protect the rights of our clients. Every client is unique. A business that needs to negotiate a deal or draft documents is very different than an individual facing a lawsuit or criminal charge. However, all our clients need a law firm that will ensure their best interests are represented in and out of court, and clarify questions or concerns about their legal options.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced litigation lawyer in our Tampa office to discuss your legal needs. All consultations are free and confidential.

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You might be tempted to …

While often we might be tempted to handle a matter with a mediator, or even ourselves, consider some of the benefits of hiring an experienced attorney. The right attorneys will

  • Thoroughly investigate your legal liabilities and exposure, and help you understand the tradeoffs of different legal strategies;
  • Consider not only your present needs, but also the future implications of legal actions; Protect your rights and fight on your behalf to get the best possible results for your case; and
  • Put your mind at ease knowing that situations are being handled correctly.

Among many other benefits, it is very easy to see why hiring a quality attorney is in your best interest. Please take advantage of the free consultation we offer. Let’s meet. We want to learn everything about your legal needs. Call us now, and let’s set up your free consultation.

You have alternative options

We have one goal: to offer you the best representation possible. WIth that in mind, we feel you should know that there are free legal services available to you.

You are probably surprised to find some of these pro-bono resources available on a private firm’s website.

Don’t be surprised.

In fact, beware of attorneys that try to get your money first and foremost. A great attorney cares about its client first. Even if that means the client going elsewhere for advice.

Pro-bono volunteers

If you cannot find the right legal aid or pro bono services that meet your needs, please consider contacting us for a free consultation. Our legal services are not free; however, we offer financing plans and flat fee services to make quality, legal representation affordable to you. After all, it’s your life, company or family we are talking about. You deserve to have the best legal counseling and representation possible.